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  • Performance-based pricing: You only get paid if you generate value for your customers.

    Summary: Imagine a brand of rehydration drinks that decides to charge only if the consumer really feels that they have quenched their thirst. This strategy, while bold, underscores the complexity of performance-based pricing. This model poses significant challenges; For example, there’s nothing stopping customers from claiming not to have rehydrated just to avoid paying. It…

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  • The Power of Subscription Pricing: How to Transform Your Business

    In a world where accessibility and flexibility are valued more than ever, the subscription pricing model has emerged as a strategic solution for businesses looking to strengthen long-term relationships with their customers. This model is mainly distinguished by allowing access to products or services in exchange for a recurring payment, which transforms one-time purchases into…

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  • Do you know exactly how much more you need to sell to make up for a discount?

    All of us who have worked in marketing or in sales have at some point had the brilliant idea of offering a discount to reach the sales goal, and the best thing we have convinced ourselves and others of the idea that this is financially viable because the decrease in price is compensated by an…

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