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  • Market Penetration: Pricing for New Products and Services

    Establishing an effective pricing strategy is crucial for attracting customers and securing a dominant position in the market. It is in this context that the penetration pricing strategy emerges as a powerful tactic, designed to quickly capture and expand market share by initially setting low prices. This approach seeks not only to offer a significant…

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  • Skimming the market: Pricing of new products and services.

    Whether you’re thinking about starting a business or are already a marketing professional, choosing the right pricing strategy is a fundamental pillar for the successful launch of a new product or service, because the decision you make at this moment will mark its destiny from here on. Among the multiple tactics available, two stand out…

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  • Stop Calculating ROI for Your Campaigns and Focus on ROMI Instead.

    Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) has been the preferred tool for evaluating the effectiveness of various marketing investments. However, its use can lead to misinterpretations. This is where Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) emerges as a more precise and revealing alternative. Below, I describe what, in my opinion, are the most common errors when using…

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