The Impact of Syllabic Length on Price Perception: ‘Long’ vs. ‘Short’ Prices

The Impact of Syllabic Length on Price Perception. In marketing, every detail counts, and something that is not paid much attention to when communicating prices, is the effort the brain expends in processing ‘long’ versus ‘short’ prices and its effect on the perception of its magnitude and subsequent willingness to pay. In this sense, this … Read more

How to Achieve the Difficult Balance between the Reference Price and the Fair Price

In today’s digital era, where information is abundant and access to data is instantaneous thanks to emerging technologies, the understanding and management of the reference price and the fair price become crucial aspects for any business. The ability of consumers to compare prices and assess the fairness of these prices has transformed the pricing strategies … Read more

The Rise of the Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Model and Its Transformative Power in Business

The “pay-per-use” or “pay-as-you-go” pricing model allows customers to pay for a product or service based on their actual usage, rather than paying a fixed amount periodically or a price for a bundle of products or services that are not always used. For customers, it is an attractive offer because the initial price is usually … Read more

Women’s Jeans in Colombia February 2024 – Competitive Pricing Study.

In the ever-changing fashion market, understanding pricing dynamics is crucial for the success of any brand. Recently, I have conducted a comprehensive study on the pricing of women’s jeans in Colombia (see presentation at the end), whose findings offer valuable insights for brands, consumers, and sector analysts. This study, carried out using Web scraping techniques … Read more